Quiche and Bribri

Are ua uuhil tioxilah Evangelio rech Canimahaual Jesu-Cristo quereka San Marcos. Xutzolcomih iu chi quiche ghabal pu kab hun cauinaquil. (1898)
Translation of the Gospel According to Mark into Quiche, by Felipe Silva and F. de P. Castells.

Método Quiché. (1902)
Method of Quiche, to teach natives from Guatemala to read in their own Quiche language.

Traducción del Evangelio de San Juan a la lengua Bribri. (1905)
Translation of the Gospel According to Saint John into Bribi (a vernacular tongue in Costa Rica), by F. de P. Castells and Guillermo Gabb Lyon. Guillermo Gabb Lyon was the son of the American paleonthologist William Gabb.

The Bribri chieftain José Saldaña and his family during a visit to San José (Costa Rica) in 1907. The man on the right is Guillermo Gabb, who was Saldaña's son-in-law.